Bewegen ist Leben

Welcome to PhysioVital, Licensed Practice for Physical Therapy, Bruchwiesenstrasse 34, in Landstuhl.

Official Tricare Preferred Provider. Partner of International SOS. English Spoken!

It is our goal to help you rehabilitate and maintain your physical good health. Our experienced, licensed physical pherapists work hard to creat treatment plans tailored to your individual needs, abilities and desires.

I a very pleasant and calming atmosphere you will find five individual treatment areas, which are all easy wheelchair accessible, as well as a large workout area.

Continuity of care is important to us throughout your therapy.

Parking is available right in front of our studio.

PhysioVital - Valerie Krück - Bruchwiesenstr. 34 - 66849 Landstuhl - 06371 - 94 65 96, Hauptstrasse 33, 67718 Schmalenberg